Truck rear view camera and bus rear view system

Truck reversing camera with a large range via radio or video cable, but is also suitable for driving boats and ships.

Truck reversing camera, also for buses, boats and ships with a large range

You can install our cameras in trucks with trailers, but they are also suitable for driving boats and ships. “We have two types of rear view systems that can be used for trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles and all commercial vehicles. You can connect to our system using a video cable or wireless connection.”

A truck backup camera or utility vehicle with long range wireless connection can also be used in a truck behind and in front of any type of trailer or boat/ship. This equipment gives you 100% safety when reversing, because due to the size of these vehicles, it is not always easy for the driver to keep an eye on all areas with the existing side mirrors

Here are some of our prices, cheap commercial vehicle cameras.

Twin camera with built-in heater»»

360° heavy duty reversing system»»

Heavy Duty Digital Reversing System with 4 Cameras»»

Heavy Duty Digital Reversing System with 2 Cameras»»

Heavy-duty digital reversing system with 1 camera»»

Heavyduty Wifi rear view camera with long range»»

4 side reversing cameras»»

Can I install the cameras in the boats or ships?

Boats with a trailer can drive, boats with pontoons and ships in general can be equipped with cameras. Video is transmitted via video cable or wirelessly, whether over a long-distance or short-distance connection. The video transmission is uninterrupted and stable, and working is possible even over long distances.

Thanks to the high-quality camera and the HD display, the drivers can clearly see all images even in a water atmosphere. Also for transporting your beautiful boat to cruising in the water, you don't want to start a bad day by damaging your boat before you even hit the road; the boat cam will help you see the trailer area.

Are there limits to the number of cameras I can fit in a commercial vehicle?

You can install up to 4 cameras, one for the front, the back and both sides. Also, there is the 360° camera, which is highly recommended because you get a full view of the surroundings, which is good for the driver and the vehicle.

The display monitor has 4 video cable inputs and also 4 radio channels that can display up to 4 images simultaneously. You don't need to mount the 2 rear view cameras on the side of the truck, because especially if you often drive with a trailer, you can mount 1 camera on the front of the vehicle and 1 on the back to reach the trailer and the remaining 2 on the back of the utility vehicle facing your parking space and the other facing the road traffic to see all the cars driving behind you.

The European Union plans to make a reversing system mandatory in such vehicles from sometime in 2022, including in Germany.

Who is liable

The responsible manufacturer of these devices is based in Hamburg, Germany, and has product liability insurance. The products are EU compliant and the website has SSL to secure your personal information. This way your purchase is in good hands and you know who to contact in case of a problem or damage.

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