Motorhome backup camera and trailer backup system

Motorhome reversing camera for reversing with caravan and trailer: road safety

Motorhome rear view camera with caravan and trailer

An RV backup camera is a must for every RV owner. When you try to reverse your motorhome with a caravan or trailer for the first time, it can be an intimidating experience. You need all the help you can get! Even if you don't drive far, a backup camera allows you to quickly spot obstacles in the back or front of the motorhome that could cause damage or injury. In some countries they are required by law as part of safety regulations!

Best Matching Cameras for RV and Trailer

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Trailer RV Camera

The most popular for campers with caravans or trailers are rear view cameras with seven-inch screens, but there are also cameras that can be mounted on the roof and remain in position all year round. You don't have to worry about your camera screen being covered by shadows or glare as it is mounted inside.

A rear view camera can help you see nearby obstacles, such as children playing, and prevent personal injury or body damage.

Why install a reversing camera in a mobile home or caravan?

A reversing camera is really a good investment for a motorhome or caravan. It's not just about safety, it can save you a lot of hassle and uncertainty when reversing, maneuvering and parking.

It's a little easier with a mobile home than with a caravan, it can be a very big challenge, especially for novice drivers, but professional drivers sometimes reach their limits with vehicles that are too long and wide or with a caravan as a trailer.

The field of vision is limited, it is sometimes difficult to see what is happening to the left, right and behind your vehicle, making maneuvering and parking extremely difficult. A reversing camera can help with this and help with maneuvering, changing lanes on freeways and recognizing hazards more quickly, especially when there are other vehicles next to you.

The limited field of vision, especially in wide and long vehicles, is sometimes a major hazard, but also not to be despised when reversing or parking.

Hitch a reversing camera to a motorhome or caravan trailer - easier said than done?

The answer is no. If you are planning to go camping with your mobile home or caravan, then also plan the maneuvering of your mobile home or caravan trailer, because this is usually easier said than done. The most difficult phase is when the trailer has to be towed backwards into a parking space or to the curb.

With the help of a camera system it becomes much easier as you can see what is behind your caravan and trailer on the screen in front of you. With this camera system, you no longer have to constantly get in and out of the vehicle to see, to discover the obstacles behind you or to better estimate angles.

Set up the camera system on the rear hitch of your motorhome and connect it to a small monitor or television in front of you, which will then also allow you to reverse into any desired parking position without outside help. A caravan with this type of rear view camera makes driving to the campsite and parking much safer.

Can I connect a towbar for a car with a reversing camera for manoeuvring?

The answer is yes. If you are going on holiday for example camping and want to hitch up the caravan or are you a car dealer or mechanic who often loads cars onto trailers for collection that have been bought or broke down? Or if you want to pick up a car from the customer for a repair to set up a rear view camera on the towbar, then your work can be facilitated with a towbar rear view camera from the following

– Advantage: road safety. It helps in many ways, from parking the vehicle in front of your house to driving on the freeway.

A rear view camera on your towbar will help you detect when something goes wrong behind your vehicle, especially on the highway with a lot of wind, the trailer sometimes moves left and right and swerves, which can not only damage your car and other passenger vehicles, but also can lead to a big accident on the highway. With a reversing camera, you can always see what is happening behind you and react in time.

There are dual cameras where you can point one camera at the trailer hitch and the other at the road. You then have two images at the same time on the associated monitor in order to have a good view of what is happening.

Dual cameras have a built-in heater, which is also highly recommended for larger vehicles due to the location of the camera.

Can I install the reversing camera with a wireless radio system?

Yes you can. Wireless camera systems are typically easier to install and have fewer wires to wire, meaning less work when it comes time to do maintenance. The other benefit is that there is no signal interference from a metal body or other interfering object between your receiver.

Our range of wireless rear view cameras are equipped with digital components whose radio signals are stable and have no reception or network interference.

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