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3D Surround View surveillance technology synthesizes images from four cameras to create a true 3D view of a vehicle's surroundings with recording capability. The technology enables flexible, omnidirectional monitoring of a vegicle from a dynamically definable perspective or “free viewpoint”. Such technology can display the full view of the vehicle's positioning and movement path, it covers the blind spot, so it works perfectly as a safe parking and driving guide even if it is restricted by neighboring vehicles and objects, parking lines, etc. The system offers various SVM system configurations such as -HDMI/LVDS/AV with alternative version of 2D or 3D and what is This system also has built-in 4-channel car DVR function, which allows 24-hour video loop recording supports


Video Interface: Mini Connector
Input / Output Impedance: 75 AHD
Monitor 7 inches
Amplitude: 1 Vpp typical, 1,2 Vpp maximum
Bandwidth: 27MHz
Sampling frequency: 74,25MHz
DP (differential gain) <0,8° TYP
DG (Differential Gain) <3% TYP
SNR: 70 dB
High Beam: Optional
Left / Right Blinker: Yes
Reversing Light: Yes
BM250E: Bosch
Algorithm: H.264 Baseline @ L3 . 1
Resolution: 1920*1080@15fps
Bit rates: 5 Mbit / s, 3 GB / hour
Recording medium: USB disk (high priority) / TF
TF CARD: 32 SDIO 3.0 / SDIO 2.0 (SD card is not on sale)
USD Hard Drive: 256G USB 2.0
4CH DVR + SVM mode: 550mA
4 Channel DVR Mode: 550mA
Sleep mode: <10mA
L*W*H: 115*115*45mm (Host Metal Box)
Normal working temperature - 20 ° C - + 85 ° C
Storage – 40°C – +105°C
Relative humidity_ 0 – 95%
Wroking Village 9,5V - 36V

3x 10M video cables for side and front, and 1x 20M video cable for rear
Installation instructions in German
Installation instructions PDF in English

ElektroG WEEE number: DE 40436894
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