Antenna for wireless rear view camera, monitor, transmitter and receiver adapter

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Alternatively: add a car radio

MP5 player car radio with connection for rear view camera
B36 79,90 
Car radio with rear view camera
B37 129,90 
5 inch car radio with navigation, Bluetooth, CarPlay
B39 159,90 
9 inch car radio with navigation, Carplay, MP5 player
B38 369,90 

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Wireless Rear View Camera Antenna - Improve your video signal!

The antenna is specially designed for use with wireless rear view cameras, monitors, wireless video transmitters and receivers with an SMA connector. It is used to amplify weak video signals and ensure a clear display on your monitor.

Extended range for your reversing camera:

With this antenna you can extend the range of your wireless rear view camera so that you can get a stable and reliable video signal even over longer distances.

Two options to choose from:

Magnetic Mount: Select this option to easily attach the antenna to your vehicle. The magnetic mount allows for flexible placement and easy removal. 3m Adhesive Installation: Choose this option if you prefer a permanent installation. The 3m adhesive ensures reliable attachment without drilling or additional accessories.

Note: Please select the option you want from the variations to get your antenna as per your requirements.

With our high quality wireless backup camera antenna, you can ensure your video signal is always clear and stable, whether you use it in your vehicle, surveillance system or other wireless devices. Get the antenna now to extend the range of your rear view camera and get an optimal video signal!


Technical details:
– Brand: HSRpro
– Frequency point: 2.4G
- Length of the connection cable: 5,5 - 6 meters
– CE mark: Yes

ElektroG WEEE number: DE 40436894

Warranty condition..

Why buy from us:
– Reliability of our products (buying a product is an easy thing, but what happens in the event of a defect or if the product even damages your vehicle in a fire? Who then pays for this damage? Your car insurance certainly not, so don’t save at the wrong end!)
- We offer up to 5 years warranty on all our products. Please read our guarantee conditions or those on the manufacturer's website > car rear-view camera - PUNKT - de
– We are not just a supplier who buys and resells products. We manufacture some of our components ourselves and also put them together for our customers on request
– Our electronic equipment repair service is based in Hamburg, Germany
– Our products have the CE mark
– Return, repair or warranty claims are processed directly in Hamburg, Germany. If this is claimed, the product does not have to be sent abroad in a complicated and expensive manner. The latter often means long waiting times and cannot guarantee a high level of product safety
– You are welcome to visit us at our location in Hamburg, Germany with an appointment if you have a problem with a product and we will be happy to solve it for you

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3M antenna, magnet antenna


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