Reversing camera with parking sensors with 5 inch, 7 inch monitor or just camera

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MP5 player car radio with connection for rear view camera
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Car radio with rear view camera
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5 inch car radio with navigation, Bluetooth, CarPlay
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Reversing camera with parking sensors and monitor. Combined reversing and distance warning camera for cars, caravans or vans. Parking assistance with active automatic parking lights prevents parking accidents and can see fixed obstacles/boundaries. The built-in transmitters in the 2 receiver heads of the reversing camera emit infrared impulses, which are sent to the loudspeaker and visualized on the dashboard on the monitor, showing the distance to the obstacle.

Instead of spending a lot of money on a reversing camera, have the much more practical number plate holder / license plate holder installed and save money. The complete system rear view camera with parking sensors consists of the appropriate brackets for your vehicle types and the great distance warning. You can buy only the parking sensor rear view camera or the complete set. The parking sensor rear view camera comes with a Smart Video connection cable or you can choose the set with a parking sensor rear view camera with a 5 inch monitor or as a set with a 7 inch monitor or 4.3 inch mirror monitor. This monitor can be mounted on the windshield or dashboard of the car. A mirror monitor is clamped onto the existing interior mirror.

Optional installation of a reversing camera with parking sensors

We offer installation of reversing systems, reversing cameras with parking sensors and other accessories. Our team of professionals can offer you a range of services to retrofit your vehicle. The services include all products that are well matched and installed by specialists. We are proud to share with you our brand heritage of reliability in manufacturing products and years of experience installing customers' vehicles for many years.

Our kits are easy to install. We supply an intelligent video connection cable with which you can establish the connection. An additional connection option would be to connect via just the cigarette lighter adapter without having to disconnect a cable from your vehicle. If the reversing camera with parking sensors has been connected according to the instructions, it will be switched on automatically as soon as reverse gear is engaged. A manual switch-on is of course also shown in the instructions.

Easy installation / connection options:
– Connection option 1: You only need to connect one side of the long cable to the monitor. The other side is connected to the camera. Plus and minus is connected to the reversing light to supply the camera and monitor at the same time. You do not need to connect the monitor additionally, it already receives the power supply directly from the back of the camera.
- Connection option 2: You can simply power the camera and the monitor using the cigarette lighter socket and again use a switch to switch the connection on and off without much effort (this is especially useful for someone who doesn't know how to get to the reversing light. NO CONNECTION IS NEEDED “Plug and Play”)

Technical details:
Possibility of use: For all EU license plate holders with the same dimensions as the German license plate holders
Brand: HSRpro
Suitable for all vehicles
Waterproof rating: IP68
License plate type: EU license plate holder
Reversing camera with parking sensors are already integrated in the license plate holder.
The sensors are equipped with an acoustic signal and additional distance lines for distance detection
Night Vision Function: Yes
Camera resolution: 700 TV lines
Automatic white balance
Distance Lines (Green, Yellow and Red)
Mains connection: 12V – 24V DC

Up to how many rear view cameras can I connect to the monitor?
Up to 2 reversing kemaras are possible

1x license plate holder with rear view camera and sensors
1x 10 meter smart installation cable
1x power cable
1x power filter / stabilizer box
Optional package content:
1x color monitor set in 4,3 inches, 5 inches or 7 inches
1x cigarette lighter adapter
1x cigarette lighter adapter

A4 installation instructions in German
ElektroG WEEE number: DE 40436894

warranty condition..

Why buy from us? With us you get:
– Up to 5 years guarantee (guarantee covers the entire product)
– Finally, a salesperson who stands by your side. From the day of installation to the last day of the warranty expiration and beyond.
– A reversing camera with a monitor that works automatically as soon as you engage reverse gear.
– A seller from Flensburg Germany and goods that are compliant with European laws and therefore no devices that pose the risk of flaring your car/vehicle. Buy from a German seller and be on the safe side. (Why?) After 2-6 months of use, sellers from abroad would ignore you or ask you to return the goods. But the problems are: 1. the shipping costs abroad already exceed the product price, 2. the shipping time there and back can take about 60 - 90 days. In addition, dubious products that do not comply with EU regulations harbor risks that could put you or your car at risk. This in turn brings these sellers but their liability. In the seller imprint you will find the location of the seller.

- Fair prices. Why pay more when you can get the product cheaper elsewhere? First, check the seller's location (in the seller's credits) and you'll understand why. Another important point is that the quality is not the same and the goods may not comply with EU guidelines, e.g. without a WEEE number, ElektroG number, etc.

All messages will be answered within 24 hours. answered, in a return case you can go through a hassle-free return process without having to deal with the seller or having to ship the goods back abroad, which costs a great deal of money and hassle. In most cases, the money is gone and you will no longer receive an answer from the seller, because German or European law has no effect on foreign sellers.

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Only reversing camera with connection cable, reversing camera with 5" monitor, reversing camera with 7" monitor, reversing camera with 4,3" mirror monitor, reversing camera with 4,3" flip monitor


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