Smart video cable for rear view camera and monitor installation


Alternatively: add a car radio

MP5 player car radio with connection for rear view camera
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Car radio with rear view camera
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5 inch car radio with navigation, Bluetooth, CarPlay
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Installing a reversing camera has never been easier than with our smart video cable. Our smart video cable makes it easy as pie and you don't need to go through complicated installation or disassemble your vehicle just to find a place to connect the plus and minus poles of the rear view camera or monitor.

Installation with smart video cable

If you don't want to deal with a complicated installation process and difficult technical knowledge, our smart video cable is the practical alternative. The cable makes it easy for you to install a rear view camera and monitor in your vehicle. With easy installation that requires no soldering, you can easily install your rear view camera and monitor. The smart video cable is a practical and easy alternative to installing a backup camera and monitor system yourself.

If you want a stable and good picture, it is usually better to install a reversing camera and monitor with a video cable and not the wireless variant. Some backup cameras are as complicated as if they were still using the 1960's installation technique. Instead of having multiple power cords on your car why not just one power cord which makes it hassle free and also allows the rear view camera and monitor to respond at the same time.

Our smart video cable does just that, you don't need an extra cable for the monitor. Monitor and rear view camera are only controlled by video cable, you can connect to rear light with only one power cable at the back of your car and control your rear view camera and monitor. If you connect like this, the camera and monitor will react as soon as you reverse your vehicle. Another possibility is the connection via the cigarette lighter, no cable connection is required here, only the cigarette lighter is required and can be switched on and off manually with a button. This is shown in the picture.

Semi smart video cable

If you have chosen the Semi Smart Video Cable, it will work in the same way as described above, but you will need to connect an additional power cable for the monitor.

Up to 5 years guarantee
Colour: Black
Cable length: 10 meters
Working voltage: DC 12V
Camera out and in
Power out and in

ElektroG WEEE number: DE 40436894

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10 meter smart video cable, 15 meter semi smart video cable


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